All-On-4 Concept® / Pro Arch® Cases

Robertson Dental Lab is known locally as the go-to lab for All-On-4® Concept and Pro-Arch® cases. We have collaborated with dentists throughout the Central Coast on over 900 successful conversion cases. Our All-on-4® lab-conversion protocols, developed by owner Mike Robertson, offer a unique and customized set of systematic protocols that save doctors and patients time and discomfort.

Most likely, there exist within your practice, patients who have reached a point of terminal dentition. They may have a desire for a fixed, aesthetic, and functional improvement to their condition. This can be done with the strategic placement of 4 implants and the conversion of an immediate denture to a temporary fixed prosthesis. Once healed from the implant surgery (usually 6 months), the final permanent restoration is fabricated by Robertson Dental Lab and placed by the dentist. It’s worth a dentist time to indentify patients who may benefit from the all-on-4® process and have a dialog with that patient on the potential health benefits of the All-on-4® case.



Take a look at this life-changing result (click on video)!

Robertson Dental Lab’s high level of collaboration with both General Practicioner and Surgeon is an integral part to achieving excellent results with all-on-4 patients!  (video courtesy of Dr. Joseph C. Weber – Santa Barbara, CA.)

The interdisciplinary collaboration between oral surgeon and dentist will identify if a patient is a candidate for All-on-4® case. Robertson Dental Lab enters the picture in the fabrication of an immediate denture(and a surgical guide and bone reduction guides if needed or requested). These are are delivered to the office prior to implant / bone reduction surgery. Post-surgery, the patient is transferred to the dentist’s office where Robertson Dental Lab’s All-on-4® technician is waiting with the dentist. The technician will convert the immediate denture into a temporary fixed prosthesis and prepare models for the final permanent restoration. Six months later the patient will return to the dentist to start the process to fabricate the permanent, fixed hybrid, zirconia or pfm prosthesis.

All-on-4® is a life-changing event for the patient. They arrive for implant surgery in the morning and leave in the afternoon with a functioning, fixed set of temporary teeth. Once you have performed an All-on-4® case, you will better understand that it’s not a daunting process. All-on-4® cases will create not only life-changing results but a new, valuable revenue stream for your practice.




View of a All-on-4 Hybrid Denture fabricated by Robertson Dental Lab. 


View of a All-on-4 Full Arch Zirconia framework fabricated by Robertson Dental Lab. 


View of a All-on-4 Full Arch PFM Chrome Colbalt w/underlying Montreal Bar fabricated by Robertson Dental Lab. 

Many of our customers have found the Accelerated Processing Procedure (APP) to be worthwhile and cost effective. The APP allows you to skip the bite registration and first try-in appointments. You and your patient will not go through the time consuming procedure of removing and replacing the provisional for the bite registration and wax try-in. Additionally, you eliminate the difficult procedure of recording a centric relation record with occlusal rims. There is no need to go through the tedious task of shaping and marking the occlusal rim for center line, anterior incisal edge length, facial lip support and lip line. The APP reduces additional appointments and try-ins by recording the centric occlusion and esthetics from the provisional. The APP has the additional benefit of allowing delivery of the final restoration at least two weeks sooner than the traditional method.
What is the Accelerated Screw Retained Acrylic Bridge Processing Procedure (APP)?
A Robertson Dental Lab (RDL) technician will travel to your office for the final impression appointment. To begin the procedure you will make a bite registration on the provisionals, lute the verification index, and make a final impression. The RDL technician will pour the implant model, screw the temporary bridge to it, mount the models on an articulator and mount a copy of the temporary as well. At this stage, we will have all the information necessary to complete a try-in on the final CAD/CAM framework which bypasses the two appointments
What steps must be taken to complete the Accelerated Screw Retained Acrylic Bridge Processing Procedure?
Prior to the APP appointment:
1.Make preliminary abutment level impression (this step is only necessary if there is not anacceptable model from the conversion process)
RDL Technician
1.Make custom tray and verification index from conversion model or preliminary impression priorto Accelerated Processing appointment

To schedule your All-on-4 / Pro-Arch case call Jodie Telles at (805) 735-7888.   

For more information on the All-on-4 / Pro-Arch procedures call Glen Smith or Mike Robertson at (805) 735-7888.


How Robertson Dental Lab Can Help

    • Provide you with a workflow protocol for conversion cases.
    • Schedule and coordinate pre-surgery lab needs with both you and your surgeon’s office.
    • Fabricate immediate denture from your models.
    • For your convenience, we offer for purchase Nobel & Straumann implants & abutments.
    • RDL technician with in-office lab: Call to schedule our technician. Technician will bring all necessary implant components and laboratory equipment to complete the conversion the day of the patient’s implant surgery.
    • RDL technician will convert Immediate denture to a fixed temporary restoration. 
    • RDL will store at lab the abutment level model made during the conversion procedure for final fabrication.

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