As a local leader in removable prosthesises, our team of removable experts lead the way in partial and denture fabrication. Our CDT-trained technicians oversee your removable cases from design, to setup to processing. Understanding bite management, setting of teeth and crafting comfortable fitting and functional partials and dentures is a lost art. Long recognized as a leader in removable prosthetics, Robertson Dental Lab prides itself on its cutting edge position in the newest removable technologies. Our commitment to digital technologies has set us up for the last frontier of digital & printing innovations that are on the horizon for removable fabrication. Within our walls, we commit to in-lab training, education, and development of a quality team of removable technicians who work on your cases daily. We also do partial and denture repairs on a local level — sometimes in the same day depending on dental office proximity to our lab. All-on-4® Concept cases are where removable and implant treatment plans can intersect.




Glen Smith CDT / Removables Manager

Glen has brought his many years of removable experience to Robertson Dental Lab and has been instrumental in contributing to the digital advancements and technology acquistions seen in our removable department. We are excited to be one of a few labs nationally selected by Dentsply/Sirona to launch the new GENISYS Lucitone Printed Resin material for digitally designed dentures. This material promises to change the way that dentures have been traditionally fabricated in the lab to a faster digital workflow, without sacrificing quality, fit or aesthetics. Take a minute and Call Glen at (800) 585-3111 and learn more about Genisys 3D Printed Dentures! 

Removable Expertise

Aging USA demographic and a world-wide population of edentulous people foretells the impending growth of the removable prosthesis industry. It’s why our removable department is one of the fastest-growing areas at Robertson Dental Lab. In preparation, we have assembled a team of CDT talent and technicians who understand this important area of restorative dentistry. From dentures to partials to All-on-4® and conversion cases, our CDTs use their vast education, knowledge and tactile skills to create partials and dentures that fit and function with maximum comfort. Robertson Dental Lab can supply dentists with surgical guides, bone reduction guides, sleep apnea devices, Hybrid bar supported cases, flippers, mouth guards, custom trays, quick local repairs, and more!



Quick local relines & repairs with fast turnaround times!     

We also do partial and denture repairs on a local level — sometimes in the same day depending on dental office proximity to our lab. Use our local courier service to pickup, process & return your relines & repairs quickly!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Call (800) 585-3111 to schedule your repair or reline. 

Other Removable Options or Designs

  • Partials

  • Mouth Guards (BPA Free)   

  • Hybrid Bar Supported Cases   

  • Acetyl Resin Unilateral Partial                   
  • Dentures 

  • Flippers       

  • Custom Trays     

  • Bone Reduction Guides 

  • Locator / Overdenture cases

  • Duraflex Partials   

  • Night Guards (BPA Free)

  • Sleep Apnea Devices

  • Surgical Guides   

  • Emergency Duplicate Denture

What are DuraFlex Partials?

DuraFlex partials offer a tissue-Friendly and light weight option in lieu of a metal-free partial and are available at Robertson Dental Lab.  Made of a registered thermoplastic material, DuraFlex is friendly to the patients tissue and presents a light-weight mouth-feel to the patient.

To ensure a precise fit and minimal adjustments the use of alginate impression material is recommended by Robertson Dental Lab. There is NO tooth preparation necessary. Simply provide us with a master cast making sure to capture the vestibular extention.
We also need an opposing model and a bite registration.

Rebasing and replacing a tooth is not a problem. Call Robertson Dental Lab to guide you on providing the needed impressions. Our removables experts are here to help. It’s our job to make the dentists job easier!


Note the acrylic saddles and doctors choice of tooth preference! Cutting edge metal-free partials using the best of digital, milling and Ivobase techniques to create beautiful results like this. The future is here at Robertson Dental lab: Witness this milled frame (visiclear) plus the conventional processed (waxup/flasked) saddle. Relines possible and digital files can be stored here at the lab for future needs. Long lasting & natural aesthetics are now possible for your partial cases. Call Robertson Dental Lab to learn more (800) 441-3522.

Digitally Printed Partial 

In order to design and fabricate a new crown to an existing partial, the lab needs the patients partial during the crown fabrication process. Patients are reluctant to part with their partials for extended periods while this fabrication process takes place. Robertson Dental Lab can now scan & print a resin replica of the patients partial and return the original to the patient in a day. We then use that resin printed partial replica to adapt the new crown to the partial’s design. No more hassle or patient inconvenience or shipping partial back and forth during fabrication. Call our friendly staff for more information, logistics and costs! 


Robertson Dental Lab’s “PATIENT ORAL DATA” or POD program is a data file storage program designed to quickly replace a patient’s unrepairable removeable prosthesis. Having PATIENT ORAL DENTAL case files stored here at Robertson Dental Lab accelerates the lab’s replacement production process. It conveniently allows you to forego an initial patient office visit. Having the POD file at Robertson Dental Lab allows us to bypass steps and advance to later stages of the fabrication process for quick turnaround. It allows us to quickly create an “avoid-embarrassment” prosthesis.


Depending upon what removable prosthesis we are replacing, you will save in the following areas.

  • Patient will have an “avoid-embarrassment” denture in as little as 2 days.
  • No initial office visit needed / No lost chair time.
  • No lost staff time – A simple phone call, email or fax starts the replacement process.
  • Stored POD files save impression material.
  • Bypassed Lab production steps insure quick turnaround times / Patient inconvenience is minimal.

POD program is perfect for patients who have a propensity to lose their removable prothesis or struggling with incapacities such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Call to learn more about POD and Costs. Production fee for replacement prothesis will still apply.

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