Because you haven’t “gone digital” does not mean you can’t benefit from digital dentistry’s finer points. We can work with traditional PVS (polyvinylsiloxane) impressions utilizing our digital scanning technologies. Using a clean PVS impression, we will “digitalize” the models derived from your PVS impressions and design your crown to exacting parameters and aesthetic desires. Utilizing our digital resin 3D printers, Resin models can be “printed” to check fit, contacts and occlusion. The ability to digitally view dies at great magnification ensures clean margins and excellent fit. Go “model-less” and save! So accurate is the digital impression that we forgo making a model returning only the final crown to you.

3-Days in-lab:  Monolithic or Layered Zirconia or Emax Crowns


Digital technologies are game-changers by condensing manufacturing workflows. While preserving excellent quality, we now offer monolithic zirconia, e.max, and all-ceramic hybrid implant crowns to you 3-days in-lab / NO RUSH FEE! Robertson Dental Lab will pick-up the case and have it in-lab for 3–days and deliver back to you the next day. A crown that once took weeks to produce can now be fabricated more accurately, with better fit and aesthetics and delivered back to you in a week! Whether you use traditional impression techniques or intraoral scan files sent to us, we will produce and deliver high quality restorations quickly to you! Your patients will be happy with shorter wait times and efficiencies in scheduling and billing will be realized.                                                               *Dependent upon system and availability of parts.


All-ceramic (zirconia or e.max) hybrid implant crowns*:

Our Full Line of Material Options Include

Metal Free Options

Zirlux 16+® Zirconia

For our bruxer / monolithic crowns and ceramic layered zirconia cores.

Katana® poly-chromatic Zirconia (monolithic or layered)

For ultimate monolithic aesthetic results, Katana® offers zirconia pucks with built-in poly-chromatic shade gradations. Crowns mill with poly-chromatic color gradiations and transluceny from cervical to incisal. Fine tuning with glazes or micro layering of porcelain results in life-like, beautiful aesthetics rivaling well known lithium disilicate brands but a higher MPa strength component. We now offer a 5-day in-lab manufacturing on our Zirconia units* with NO RUSH FEE!                                                                                                                 *Total time from pickup to delivery is 7 days!

e.max Lithium Disilicate

The long proven restorative option for crowns demanding aesthetics cementation options. e.max is bondable or cementable with advantages when doing inlay or onlay indirect restoration or both small and large anterior cases.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

In a world of growing all-ceramic options, metal based crowns remain a viable restorative solution. There are still PLENTY of situations when PFM or full-cast restorations are the best option. For instance, porcelain fused to metal can be the best choice for large pontic spans or All-on-4® final restorations when inter-occlusal space is limited. Our PFM & full cast metal restorations can be prescribed from a variety of alloy selections.

Other Crown & Bridge Options or Designs

  • Temporary crowns (Milled PMMA or Acrylic)

  • Porcelain butt margins

  • Semi-precision or precision attachment cases

  • Metal occlusals / Metal linguals

  • Post & core

  • Diagnostic waxups

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